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Going green….reusable dryer sheets

Everyone is going green.  I think it’s great…but I often snicker when I think of how green my mother was way before it was “cool” to be green.  She has always hung the laundry to dry, avoiding the dryer at all costs.  She has always used cloths to wipe down kitchen surfaces – never a paper towel ripped to soak up a spill.  She inspired me before we had the electricity grid fiasco in the early 2000’s, when people were forced to pay outrageous rates for electricity – some even protesting by refusing to electrically light their homes – using candles to elegantly light their way.

I’d like to share a small tip that I learned about 3 years ago, and love to do because I know I don’t add to the garbage dumps and I purchase less stuff.  Did you know that you can replace dryer sheets with an easy substitute?  All you have to do is have about 5-6 wash cloths on hand.  When you are ready to dry a load of laundry, slightly soak about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of liquid fabric softener on one  wash cloth, toss it in the dryer, and you’re good to go.  No sheets to buy or to add to landfills.  Your wash cloths can then be washed and reused.  It’s as simple as that.