Do What Makes You Happy


Recently, I rummaged through my nightstand, looking for a piece of my past that brought me lots of joy, along with a peaceful and calming sense of being.  Not a book, not my diary, but a crochet needle.

No, I’m not anyone’s grandma, but this pastime is not restricted to our older generation who create for their posterity.  From what I have seen, knitting and crocheting, and all of those lost art forms are making waves again, infusing our days with some tranquility, and as a side effect, allowing us to share a source of our happiness with a tangible gift.

I broke out my crochet needle so that I could make a blanket for my new niece.  She was about 6 months when I presented the blanket to her parents.  What consumed me was the utmost joy I had in making it.  Yes, I had a deadline.  Yes, I was swamped with other things in life.  But, every time I thought of picking up my crochet bag, an internal smile widened inside and I felt good, no matter what was happening that day.  What also made me feel good, was that my good feeling and my crocheting put a smile on at least 5 other people I came across.  At piano class, other mothers would smile and ask, “Wow, what are you making?”  I would proudly reply, “A blanket for my niece!”  They would immediately brighten up with joy.  I even inspired two of them to go off and start projects of their own.  It kind of stirred up some interactions and prompted others to take action and do something for themselves.

Isn’t that what it’s all about.  Making sure you do what makes you happy, just a little everyday, so you can give the best of yourself.


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